Extraterrestrial expert Dapo Alade and paranormal research program EYE of the SEER take you on a 48 minute journey through the hidden world of alien involvement and intervention with the planet Earth, from the origin of intelligent life to the present day.

This film was produced four years ago by +Bryan D. Ouellette, Ph.D. via his self-funded EYE of the SEER metaphysical/paranormal research program. While this movie was an attempt at full disclosure on this subject as of the year 2010, there is much more to share and newer information to release. Please let us know if you enjoyed this program and we will work to release future installments of even greater quality and substance.

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Whose god is God?

It is largely taken for granted that the three primary western Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all worship the same deity, albeit in remarkably different ways. While this may be the sentiment behind each major religion, I do not think we can continue to assume that this is the case on an esoteric level. History has not been so kind to religion and in many ways has demonstrated that religion is retroactively evolving back into more primitive, primal tendencies, largely due to various contemporary extremisms. I would argue that at this point in time, through the development of each of these three religions, Abrahamic spirituality has become a polytheistic warzone between the Jewish god Yahweh, the confused Christian/Egyptian ”Trinitarian” god, and Allah, the Islamic god. And there is good reason for this distinction; each has truly become its own divine archetype!

On the archetypal level, as it relates to human comprehension, Yahweh has always been a rather blood thirsty, racist egomaniac. Allah too, with his ‘convert all infidels or massacre them’ approach toward the human race holds better resemblance to the pre-Arabic warrior moon god Hubal than to a supreme divine source of omniscient love. While the Christian Trinity perhaps does a slightly better job at understanding divine complexity, it too fails with its transformation of Jesus from a lover of peace in the Gospels to an executer of justice in the Book of Revelation, all which are clearly Egyptian pagan carryovers from Geb, Nut, and Osiris. The result of this is that ordinary, unsuspecting people will worship only their ideas about the actual God instead of the actual God, creating much spiritual confusion.

Classical Gnosticism saw much of this dissonance and attempted to reconcile the archetypal problem by expressing the actual God (capital G) via a series of truly endless emanations. Some of these emanations were higher than others and so were closer to the actual God which Gnostics saw as an Unknowable divine reality. It is ironic, then, that at this point in history, 1700 years later, that we must turn back to an ancient “heresy” so as to explain just what the hell is going on here with our bloody, deadly, reprehensible 21st century “religion” problems.  

So far, yes, you have read this correctly. This Christian bishop is not only suggesting, but is absolutely affirming, that the gods (lower g) that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam hold dearly in their daily worship are merely crude emanations of the actual God they all claim to hold a monopoly on. In a very real sense, if you must wonder why people who claim to be Muslims are beheading innocent men, women and children, and why people who claim to be Christians are calling for war against our “enemies” in the Middle East while judgmentally attacking homosexuals, people of other faiths, etc. back here at home, and why people who claim to be Jews support the explosive slaughter of innocent people in Palestine, you can rest assured that the answer to this is only to be found within the spiritual manipulative possession tactics of these archetypes while they are at war with one another, using human being believers as paws in their very deadly game of psychology.

The moral of the story? Take control of your canon of beliefs and learn how to worship, not the ”true god”, but the ACTUAL God, while also learning what genuine worship is. OR… do us all a favor and commit apostasy for the safety of these innocent lives that are being lost in the name of your “god(s)”. Atheism is a far safer world-view in the hands of the spiritually deficient.

Archetypal Possession is NOT the same as being a Cosmic Instrument

There is a horribly disparaging and generally inaccurate lie that spreads itself like a virus around Christian circles bringing people to believe that witches are possessed by the devil in some form or fashion. Unfortunately, while this is clearly a sweeping generalization, like most stereotypes, there is still some truth to it; it’s just not a truth that is applicable to how it is applied in such a situation.

Recently, I’ve been doing a little serious esoteric work with the Greek Goddess Hecate to prepare for some high level spiritual work later this month. She’s an interesting archetype to work with and offers an interaction that is never disappointing. She’s not one to play foolish human-level games, but, like all archetypes, she is also not one that refuses easy opportunity. In doing some research on her today (which incidentally spawned some rants on my Facebook account relating to gender equality) concerning a few particulars that I wanted to get just right, I came across a blog by a woman who claims to be a witch and is “fighting the patriarchy every chance she gets” and according to her blog, “she gets a lot of chances”.

What a pathetic situation that she describes in her own words about her own spiritual prowess.  Like so many fundamentalist Christians (who she no doubt hates with a passion) she has let herself become a pawn of the archetypal gods and goddesses she works with instead of an instrument of them. High level archetypes like Hecate do not inspire dualistic thinking unless they feel your mind is so weak, there is no other way to control you. By her own description, she is basically fully possessed by these thought-forms and at this point, is no longer qualified (assuming she ever was) to perform esoteric work. So in this sense, she is indeed possessed, not by a Christian devil, but by her own lack of skill with working with powers that are clearly above her understanding and capability.

Now I am sure my die-hard Christian readers (and there are quite a few on this blog) are going to be the first ones to say, “what are you doing working with pagan deities! You’re a Christian bishop for goodness sake!” And then I would have to respond to all of you and be the one to break the news that you too have been possessed by the very archetypes you think are safe, namely the Christian God. While this may seem like a brilliant idea from the Christian point of view, it’s equally as toxic in the long-term as the witch that is all too easy to criticize for letting pagan deities fill her with social volatility.

Let’s make this next point as clear as is possible…

One should NOT….EVER….under ANY circumstances, let one’s religion control them.

You should control your religion at ALL times.

If you cannot, you are not worthy of a religion and would be much better off as an atheist. The very reason that I, as a Christian bishop, can work with the entire Cosmos (not just the warm and fuzzy parts), is because the archetypes have come to respect me. Any god (or God) that possesses you outside of ritual permission, does not yet have the respect for you to give them any cause for worship. And until you have the wisdom to maintain mastery of such encounters, spit those archetypes out (if you even can) and start over from a position of skillfulness and not one out of fear and weakness. Archetypes should move through you like vibrations on a musical instrument, producing masterful symphonies! Always keep that in mind when doing esoteric work of any kind, be it high ceremonial Magick or simple Christian prayer.

My brilliant readers will know exactly what I just said and grow stronger as the result of putting it into practice and the rest will go on either continuing to hate me or trivialize me, all the while growing weaker. And you know what? I like it that way.

Uncritical Thinking
The problem with our modern culture is that our current generations have never been taught critical thinking skills. In fact, they don’t think at all anymore; preferring to jump to conclusions instead (because it is easier). A black man gets shot by the police? Racism! A business wins a court case over birth control? Misogyny! A group of radical Muslims bring down a sky-scraper? Islam is evil! A boy gets shot with a family gun he shouldn’t have been playing with to begin with? Disarm America! A priest molests a child? The Catholic Church is a breeding ground for pedophiles!

Conveniently chosen conclusions and sweeping generalizations are almost never in the least bit accurate.  Resist seeking out ideological scapegoats for the evil choices of the few.
Israel or Palestine? You Decide! Or Should You?

Below are two of the best (VERY SHORT) videos that I have found that argue the main points of each side’s position. I encourage everyone to watch BOTH videos before making an assessment or spewing an opinion based on your own personal bias. When you are finished, ask yourself the following four important questions.

1) If Israel is the right side to be on, why do millions of Orthodox Jews reject Israel’s position?

2) If Palestine is the right side to be on, why is Hamas so opposed to peaceful coexistence by virtue of their “suicide bomber” terrorist mentality?

3) What gives either side the right to commit war crimes against civilians, particularly children?

and perhaps most importantly…

4) Is your moral compass so astute, your righteousness so highly regarded by God, that you can afford to take a side?

Murder is murder no matter how justified the excuse you use may feel.



The human spiritual crisis in a nutshell:

The social condition we have built for ourselves on this planet, the same one that everyone associates with what is “normal”, is the least conducive social condition for spiritual advancement available to our species as well as to the development of any sense of perennial awareness. Those that are spiritually inclined typically fall into the trap set by the pitfalls of religious and philosophical belief, becoming more deluded with every theological step they take. Those that are not spiritually inclined immerse themselves in the indulgence of material pleasure, pushing off the fear of death for as long as their biological health will allow. So pervasive is this situation that nobody is able to effectuate change because nobody can recognize the formula for change, even when it is given to them. The lies are so much easier to believe. When you do offer someone an infinitesimal taste of the Actuality of the Cosmos, they either speedily ignore you or label you unstable, quickly returning to the insignificance of their meaningless life activities.


The Stupidity of Shoes

I don’t understand shoes at all, I’m not sure I ever did. Can you imagine if we went around everywhere wearing gloves on our hands any time we were out of our homes? How stupid would that be? The human foot is a lot tougher than we give it credit for. The problem is, we don’t give them a chance to strengthen to a point where people in a first world society can believe that shoes are entirely superfluous to most situations. Like gloves, there is a time and a place for shoes. Society needs to catch up and shed these silly notions of wearing shoes for nearly everything we do that probably spawned from a fear of looking poor.

I cannot believe that both Israel supporters and Hamas supporters are still claiming media bias against their own points of view! Like it fucking matters!? Let me make this real simple for everybody. You kill civilians (especially children), you are shit. It doesn’t matter if you warn people to get out first or if the other side isn’t doing what it should be doing to protect their own civilians. It doesn’t matter if you have killed one or a million. The leadership of both sides are shit and shit should be flushed.

Who Is This Guy Anyway?

It is never more amusing to me than when it is assumed that my theology must be the most liberal Christian theology on the planet! I guess they assume this because A) I was consecrated a Christian bishop, B) I was consecrated by a wandering bishop, and C) I’m occasionally unorthodox and brash in my ministerial approach. Perhaps, it is even more amusing when these same individuals discover that I practice [perhaps] the most conservative form of Christianity on the planet. I am then usually (quite expeditiously) ostracized, perhaps mostly out of their own shame for their serious lack of judgement? One can only imagine when personal bias is involved!

Let’s clear the air!

No, I am not a liberal or a conservative! I am not a progressive or a heretic! I am not a Papacy critic or a fundamentalist!


If you must give me a label, you would do well (or at least better) to call me a Perennial Mystical Esotericist. What this means is that A) I don’t bastardize traditions for my own selfish agenda or pick and choose only the pretty, clean, feel-good parts. B) I practice far more than one religion. C) I walk the most careful balance between any and all social extremes unlike most everyone else in the world. Why? Because I (again, unlike most everyone else), understand cosmic balance, how it plays out consequentially, and how failure to grasp its basics adversely disrupts the course of our evolution.

If this realization damages your opinion of me, that’s perfectly acceptable to me. I don’t need your friendship, just your commitment to evolve.

Jesus gives us an example of reckless abandonment in the rawest sense possible. The message of the Cross is a complete release of everything we hold to be important. It is the death of the ego-reality. Without the sacrificial death of Jesus, Christian teaching transforms into a bland collection of feel-good nonsense. True Christianity is a bloody, provocative, politically incorrect spirituality, and it is this way because the mystical life is a bloody, provocative, politically incorrect reality. The feeble-minded need not apply.

Jesus gives us an example of reckless abandonment in the rawest sense possible. The message of the Cross is a complete release of everything we hold to be important. It is the death of the ego-reality. Without the sacrificial death of Jesus, Christian teaching transforms into a bland collection of feel-good nonsense. True Christianity is a bloody, provocative, politically incorrect spirituality, and it is this way because the mystical life is a bloody, provocative, politically incorrect reality. The feeble-minded need not apply.